Why a blog?

This is my first time to ever do anything like this so please bare with me. I decided to start a blog mostly for myself. I wanted to keep track of all the crazy things that go on in our house on a daily basis. I also thought this would be good for my soul and keep me smiling and laughing even when I feel defeated by my littles at the end of the day. I'm sure there are a lot of blogs out there similar to this one and it may just bore people but that's alright. This is us, me and my littles!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I can't believe 2010 is almost over. It's been an interesting year for sure. We put our tree up the other day. We decided to buy a fake one this time. The past couple years we bought a real one and they always died way before Christmas and made such a huge mess. This year we gave in and bought the artificial! It's the perfect size for our house and the girls love it. Everyone helped decorate it, even Jude. I always envision us spending the evening taking out all of stuff, Christmas music in the back ground, the girls sipping hot chocolate, me with some wine, BJ and I holding hands as we smile at our precious girls. Please!! Who am I kidding?! I always get WAY too stressed out as the girls go through all the bins, taking everything out at once and throwing it to the floor. Every year we open those bins to find one more thing broken. It seems that for the past 3 years we've had a baby or toddler crawling around or learning to walk around Christmas. Jude was VERY helpful this year...She would walk right up after the girls had carefully placed their ornaments, all bunched up in the same place of course, and take it off. She seemed to really enjoy teasing them. Wonder where she gets that from. :)
She's getting better at leaving the ornaments alone but I still find her hiding some in her room from time to time.

This is our first year to have a cat and I wasn't sure what she would think of the tree. Apparently she thinks it's her  own personal space and doesn't like if we go near it. Her new favorite spot in on the tree skirt OR climbing up it!! I have caught her several times trying to climb it. Really?! They do that?! She is worse than the girls! She loves that tree. Weird...

This time of year my littles always get sick. They get sick often I guess you could say but right around now is when they all get really bad chest colds. Beau always needs to cough but doesn't like to I guess so she just keeps it in her throat. You know when you're talking to someone and they totally need to clear their throat but don't? That's Beau!! We're always telling her to clear her throat but she just walks away saying,"Me did!" in her raspy voice. It never bothers her. Not much does. She will be walking on a flat surface right next to us and then we hear a thud and turn around and she's lying on the floor dusting off her knees. Her little legs are like rubber and they just give out, leaving her on the ground. She rarely ever cries about it though. Just gets up and says,"My fine" and moves on.

On Saturdays I try to make a big, special breakfast for the girls. I'm a huge fan of breakfast, although I don't always eat it, I love the idea of it and love to make it. Homemade donuts is one of their favorites!

I hope it's one of those things they always remember me doing. Donuts and chocolate chip pancakes have always been "our" thing and I just hope they remember and do something similar with their children. :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

I love him like a crazy person.

I talk so much about my littles because I love them dearly and they are always with me but BJ is what I'm writing about tonight!
He is my favorite, my very best friend and my home. I'm not a very sappy, romantic person but I consider myself pretty passionate about certain things and pretty honest and real. With me, you get what you see. I can't hide my feelings, thoughts or expressions very well. With that said, BJ gets me, me respects me and loves me unconditionally which is more than I deserve! He's the husband that I never dreamed I would have and the most hands on, involved, dependent father for our girls. They don't even realize how blessed they truly are to have a father like him. I know when they're older they'll see what an incredible Godly man he was to our family.
A few months ago BJ was asked if he'd like the opportunity to go on a missions trip this fall to Guatemala for 8 days. He was thrilled and beside himself with excitement. He'd never done anything that before and  would of left that day if he could! I've always felt like God has HUGE plans for BJ and this is only the beginning so I knew he had to go on this trip. He and the group left last Wednesday and will be returning this Thursday. We both knew it was going to be hard on us and the girls but that it was totally worth it and we would power through it! This will be the longest he and I have been apart and the longest the girls will go without seeing him. Being that he works where he lives, we are fortunate to see him often and have almost every meal together.  Our girls are so used to seeing him ALL the time so with him gone, it's definitely been an adjustment.
He always takes Bella to school every morning and will either pick her up a donut or have breakfast with her at school. I guess I'm pretty spoiled....not having to drag all 3 of the Littles out the door before 7:30. I always appreciated that he wanted to take her to school but not like I do now! He is so very missed!
We were at church on Sunday and Bella just broke down crying saying she just missed her Dad. I wanted to cry along with her!

Beau has been extra defiant and whenever I ask her why she's hitting, talking back or not listening she says,"Yes mam.I don't know. I want Daddy!!!". I'm sure I'm not the most pleasant when he's gone but I hope I'm not THAT bad to be around.

Jude's not sure what's going on and feels the need to cry whenever Beau does. They're teaming up on me!
 BJ's a good Daddy and we're so proud to be his girls!
 Washing dishes with their Dad!
 Being sick is not that bad if you have your Dad.

We have us a good, good man! Counting down the days till he's with us!