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This is my first time to ever do anything like this so please bare with me. I decided to start a blog mostly for myself. I wanted to keep track of all the crazy things that go on in our house on a daily basis. I also thought this would be good for my soul and keep me smiling and laughing even when I feel defeated by my littles at the end of the day. I'm sure there are a lot of blogs out there similar to this one and it may just bore people but that's alright. This is us, me and my littles!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Things we'll always remember.

   This weekend was a good weekend. We didn't really do anything that spectacular but it just ended up being perfect. Sometimes 3 day weekends turn out to be lame because you set your expectations too high. I tend to do that anyway. BJ was off today so we had 3 full days with him so it already started out good. Friday we were able to see two of our good friends get married after 10 years of dating. That was an amazing moment and we wouldn't of missed it! Saturday we made a trip to Corpus for lunch and to hit up SAM'S. The girls think that is THE best place ever! We rarely go there since it's so far. I remember my dad taking us there on weekends for the necessities but we knew we were really there for the snacks! "Fill up kids. Did you try the sausage yet? Go ahead and get me one too." That place will forever remind me of him. :) When we got home we decided to grill and hang out outside. This isn't something we've been able to do lately due to the extreme heat but the girls had a plan. BJ is in the process of starting a garden for them so he has a big, black tarp covering the grass that he wants to kill and dig up for the garden. Beau, of course, asked if they could put their suits on and have a "swip and swide" on the tarp. This ended up entertaining them for a couple hours so everyone was happy!
Beau is apparently also watering the tree...

Judes turn!

Backwards anyone?
Sunday was pretty normal. We went to church, lunch and made a quick trip to HEB. Everyone came home and napped, my favorite part of the day! We grilled burgers and called it a night.

Today we had the opportunity to take the girls to ride horses at a near by church. We are friends with the pastor and his wife and they have "play days" on Mondays. The girls were beyond thrilled! Bella is a HUGE horse fan and is always saving her money ( and by money I mean loose change) to buy her own horse. Horses are one thing she can't let go of or forget about. This pleases her daddy and brings out the famous BJ grin because he too adores horses. He's a country boy and grew up roping and riding so it's only natural for his daughters to fall in love with this hobby too. This morning all three girls had their own time on a horse and Bella and Beau were able to ride alone. I wasn't sure how Beau would do because she talks big but tends to back down in the moment. I have no idea where she gets that from! :) She amazed me though. She climbed right up there, this being her second time ever on a horse, and rode with out fear! She looked so grown up and mature, so beautiful!

Bella was a natural, of course. Our little horse whisperer. She was so calm, yet screaming on the inside I'm sure! She took it so seriously. She made all the appropriate noises, kicking the horse softly, guiding the reigns...I was in awe of her confidence and discipline. She would of rode all day had we let her.
Getting to know Scarlet :)

And then it was Judes turn. Sweet June Bug. I didn't know how Jude would feel about these huge animals. Her and I pretty much went along for the ride to take pictures of the big girls and just watch. I really didn't think she would be interested in riding a horse. Wow, was I wrong! "Jew turn? Jew turn?" Well...okay....So BJ took her out there and put her up on the biggest horse! I was a little nervous, to say the least, but she did great. She didn't lean to one side or try to get off. She just gave me her "I'm excited but too embarrassed to smile" grin, which we love. She loved every second of it and so did her daddy. :)
There's that grin!

She was so proud.

...and so was he!

At one point, Bella and Beau both had a horse out there riding side by side. That was so awesome to see! I could hear them giggling and talking to each other about "their" horses. They both looked so grown up :(.

After our amazing horse experience, we came home and everyone was SO into anything horse related! BJ busted out his old roping gear and the girls went to town on whatever they could find outside. They were roping the slide, a ride-along toy, each other and then eventually our lab. Titan knows them too well and has so much patience so that's good! It was just so awesome to see them learning and loving something that means so much to their daddy. It's always been so important to me and BJ to find something that he can do with them that they want to do. I think this may be it! So anyway, it was a good time for all of us. Sometimes it's just the simple things that bring you back to real life, reality, and fill your heart with so much joy. Today I felt like my heart might explode as I watched the people I adore smile so hard, their cheeks were hurting. This is a day I will always chersish. :)
His cowgirls :)

"Lets stick together till we figure this out."

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  1. Oh my goodness. You know I love this post girl. I asked my parents for a horse from age 2-18. :) What a sweet fun experience...and those Thomas girls are so brave!