Why a blog?

This is my first time to ever do anything like this so please bare with me. I decided to start a blog mostly for myself. I wanted to keep track of all the crazy things that go on in our house on a daily basis. I also thought this would be good for my soul and keep me smiling and laughing even when I feel defeated by my littles at the end of the day. I'm sure there are a lot of blogs out there similar to this one and it may just bore people but that's alright. This is us, me and my littles!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I couldn't make these things up...

It's 5:45 am and I hear Jude start to fuss. I get up and quickly nurse her, hoping she will go back to sleep. As I start to crawl into bed I see out of the corner of my eye light shining through the cracks of our door. I can tell it's the tv in the living room...Beau. I open our door to find Beau just standing on the other side looking up at me. I start to walk her back to her bed and notice the tv has been on pause for 33 minutes. Then I see it. (This is going to get gross so sorry!) Her nightgown is soaking wet and she has poop down both her legs. I am barely awake at this point and start to walk back into Judes room to get wipes, hoping she doesn't see or hear me. I hear Beau say,"You step my poo poo." I look down and sure enough, I have stepped in it! Apparently she has left a trail of it,  some on the wood floors, some on the carpet and some in BJ's chair...she is not supposed to sit in Daddys chair for this very reason. By this time it's 6am and I can't believe this is how our morning is starting as I begin to bathe her. Let me explain something about Beau. She does not poop like a normal 2 year old does. She has always had "infant poop". That's what Danyel and I like to call it. So it's not like cleaning up a small diaper. It's like cleaning up 5 "infant poop" explosions! It's too much and happens way too often. So I finish bathing her and she is just singing and playing, just really enjoying this one on one time with me, as I roll my eyes. I start to dress her, do her hair, and I see MORE poop on the opposite side of the kitchen! Come on! I clean it all up and then remember BJ's chair....It looks like she sat there for awhile before I found her. I don't even know how to clean it but I do my best before he gets up. Now it's 6:20 and I hear Jude talking because Beau has snuck in her room. Then I see Bella come out of her room, also barely awake, saying "Beau woke me up." So now we're all up, they've already had breakfast, been in two fights, and one spanking. And our day begins...

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  1. I didn't have a chance to proof read this before I posted it so please excuse the mistakes.